Gooseberry Falls to Silver Bay segment

The 14.1-mile segment of the GGST between Gooseberry Falls State Park and Beaver Bay is the longest and most scenic of the currently completed trail segments. A spur trail connects to the historic Split Rock Lighthouse. The GGST can be accessed at five designated  trailheads along this segment: at the lower level parking lot within Gooseberry Falls State Park, the present southwest terminus of the trail; at the Visitors Center at Gooseberry Falls State Park; at Twin Points wayside; at the Split Rock Lighthouse Visitors Center; and at the Beaver River trailhead in Beaver Bay, the present northeast terminus of the trail segment. The Visitors Center trailheads offer parking, restroom facilities and drinking water. Restaurants, restroom facilities and other amenities are available in Beaver Bay.

A 2.3-mile segment of trail from West Road in Beaver Bay to Silver Bay was completed in 2012. At present, this section does not connect to the Beaver Bay trailhead but can be accessed from there by riding northeast about .3 miles on Hwy 61 to the West Road, and traveling approximately .5 miles up this gravel road to the terminus of the trail. There is no parking on the West Road. The Silver Bay trailhead is adjacent to the Rukavina Arena on Outer Drive. Parking is available by the arena.